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The European Startup Scene

Recently Torq Labs was accepted into the Founders Program at the world largest startup campus, Station F located in Paris, France. It is beautifully located in the 13th eme very close to la Seine. Station F is home to over 500 start ups currently and plans to double that number by years end.

Here are 3 of the biggest observations I have made about the European Startup/Tech scene thus far.

1) Most companies are SAAS only - Torq Labs has found incredible success and support because we have a tangible, physical product. Note to other hardware companies the French market is a friendly one!

2) Great Public Support - BPI France offers 30,000 Euro to qualified startups trying to develop in France. Through out the EU & UK governments at all levels are introducing tax incentive programs and public reimbursement programs to attract investment into startups

3) Strong Entrepreneurial Culture - I have been blown away by the level of enthusiasm and willingness to work together found here in Paris. In the 3 brief weeks we have been here we have made incredible contacts and established partnerships that will provide substantial mutual benefit for both parties.

Take away: Europe's tech scene is on the rise. France seems to have elevated the standard of excellence with the launch of Station F. Hardware & manufacturing companies might have an easier time finding the proper funding situations

If you're still reading...

Thanks to the Station F staff, we were fortunate enough to be introduced to and interviewed by Junko Yoshida of the EE Times. She quoted me and my colleagues in the article below and plans to do a company profile in the coming weeks.

**Fun Fact: Junko actually lives part of the year in Madison WI and her husband attended my Alma Matter, Madison Lafollette High School. The world is perhaps much smaller than expected. **

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