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Clinical Grade Technology For Data-Driven Performance

To track performance and identify potential hazardous movement patterns that may cause injury, our clinical-grade, lightweight sensors tuck easily into every piece of Torq Labs clothing with 3 sensor t-shirts and 5 sensor long sleeve shirts. All with minimal impact on an athlete’s actual movements and performance, the data from the sensors can then be tracked in real-time, on any web browser or mobile device.

Including total load capacity monitoring for critical joints like knees, ankles, hips, shoulders, and wrists, the data from Torq Labs’ multi-sensor tracking clothing can help experts and novices alike analyze the impact of exercise and identify areas for improvements or smarter performance.

Guided by the goal of allowing injured athletes to return to play and reduce the incidence of injury, our products are tailored specifically to the individuals and teams that want to utilize our technology. With every purchase of a smart athletic clothing 4-pack, Torq Labs includes one full year of data monitoring services, which can also be incorporated into other fitness apps and shared to medical professionals as needed.


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