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What can you do with Torq Smart Clothing

Weightlifter uses Torq Smart Clothing

Stength Trainging

Short sleeve - 3 Sensor smart top

Professional Soccer Player uses Torq Smart Clothing in Training

Individual Technical Training

Long Sleeve + Leggings - 10 Sensor 

Yoga Instructor Practices in the Snow

Balance & Stability

Long sleeve - 5 Sensor smart top

Movement data for all activites

Record & view results

Torq  Labs Web Application Dashboard
Torq Labs Mobile Application

- Up to 10 sensors collecting at once

- Monitor multiple athletes from single device

- Analyze data on mobile and web dashboards

- Integrate your data with other fitness applications

1-Year of data services included with each 4 piece style purchased


Monitor total load capacity on crucial joints systems like knees, hips, ankles. elbows, shoulders, and wrists

Total Load Intensity

Rep Velocity & Alignment

Knee Collapse

Balance & Routine Scoring

Adapted design for comfort

Easy to use wearable technology

  • Machine washable

  • Mens & Womens styles

  • Insertable technology

  • 3 sensor smart clothing


    Short sleeve top

    Torq Smart Short Icon
    Torq Smart Top Icon

    5 sensor smart clothing

    Long sleeve Torq Smat Top Icon
    Torq Smart Leggings Icon

    Long sleeve top


    Multi Sensor wearable tech_ Torq Labs.

    Sensor specs

    Torq Smart Sensors

    Streamlined for impact

    Charging board included

    Up To 3 hours of continuous use

    Lightweight & non-intrusive


    Sensor Dimension (WxLxH) : 22mm x 37mm x 5mm

    Sensor Weight: 50g

    Collection Speed: 100 hz

    9 Axis Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer 

    Rechargeable 3v battery with charging station

    Want to know more send us a message

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