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How To Get Through Grind-Mode

Everyone has aspects of their job they would rather not do. But like any entrepreneur will tell you, your just gotta “grind it out”. I have found the key to a successful “grind-mode” is the audio environment you put your mind in.

Here are my top 3 music choices to help you forget that you’re working on something less desirable.

Waterval — By: Sam Feldt — Upbeat, Feel-Good Music, Evokes Positivity

Chill Instrumental Jazz — Variety — Chill beat, Easy vibe, Mental Freedom

Moonlight Sonata — Beethoven — Relaxing, Soothing, On Repeat

These are simply my go-to’s for when I have a long list of emails to get through or a mountain of reading on my plate. I encourage all of you to find what works best for you and share it back to me! We, that know the grind mode, ought to work together to keep our collective sanity.

Until next time.

~Jules CEO @ Torq Labs

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